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Mary Hubley's oil paintings of the coastal landscape are dramatic yet soft. She is known for her dreamy style based on outdoor plein air painting studies. She paints the many nuances of light, shadow, and mist, and that single magic moment of atmospheric change.
She has been recently accepted into the online American Impressionist Society show and has been awarded several BoldBrush FAV15% and Richeson75 awards. She won an award of excellence with the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and received first place in a Smithsonian Institution Waterways exhibition.
Mary grew up in a family of artists and spent many years doing corporate illustration for RCA Corp and advertising agencies. Her work is influenced by her travels in North America, Asia, and Europe.
"There’s just not enough time in life to paint all of what is possible," says Mary. "Every second, nature shifts with the movement of the sun, clouds, and wind. My job is to suspend a moment in time in the life of mist and tide. I look for patterns in nature, intermingling light and shadow, finding the dance between an everyday object or scene and how the sunlight interacts with it."