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How To Revamp Your Art

Does your art collection need a quick and easy refresh? Here are a few quick pointers:

Firstly, a frame will immediately elevate the look of any piece of hanging art. A frame will finish off any piece very nicely, and will keep your art away from the flyers- on- a- bulletin- board aesthetic. Not to mention, the frame and glass encasement will protect your art from the elements. And don’t worry about whether the piece has any monetary value or not, if it’s something you want to keep for a long time, framing is a well worth investment.

Now, take some time to consider how your pieces are currently framed.

Frames… Are they without chips, dents, or discoloration? Are the corners tightly joined and sturdy? Do the frames work well with the piece? Does the frame’s finish go well with the art? Are you happy with the proportions- is the frame gigantic or Lilliputian? Does the frame work well with your home in general? If you’re thinking ‘no’ to any of those questions, you may want to consider choosing another frame.

If you’re happy with your frames, a new mat or new glass can liven up a piece substantially.

Over time, induction of acids found in the matting, paper art, and backing, will begin to fade them as well as compromise their structural integrity. Western paper used to be made from durable and lasting cotton and other natural plant fibers. In the mid 19th century, paper began to be manufactured from trees. The acids from the cellulose found in the refined wood pulp and other acids that are used in the actual paper making process will slowly (but surely!) affect the paper- changing the color, often yellowing it, and breaking down its structure- old, acidic paper will literally crack and crumble apart. A new acid free, rag mat (one made with cotton rag) will not only brighten up your piece, but will also help your art last longer by not being mounted in and around acid filled paper.

In addition to just a new mat, also consider that we may be able to mount your art differently. We can change the width of the mat, possibly float your art work on top of the mat, crop your art differently— there are tons of possibilities of how we can present your framed art!

Just like acid, sunlight can be detrimental to your art as well. Photolytic degradation also fades and compromises the structural integrity of your art. (This applies to all mediums of art, not just pieces found on paper!) Keeping your art out of direct sunlight is best, but a new piece of UV protected glass will definitely help. The brand we carry, Tru View, guards against 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping your pieces true to color, longer.

If you want to go the extra mile, reflection control or museum glass will cut down annoying glare you may have on your art. And just as a side note, the museum glass is amazing! It is UV protected and has amazing clarity- like almost invisible- clarity.

And of course if the glass is chipped or cracked- or completely missing- it needs to be replaced.

Now, analyzing the condition your art is in would be next. Moisture— and Lord knows it is humid down here!- can also negatively affect a frame job. It can cause mounts to loosen and pieces to become crooked under the mat. It can ripple paper and leave watermarks. We’re happy to open up your framed piece, flatten, and reattach anything that may have been compromised over time.

If you’re happy with how your art is framed, a good dusting will finish it off. Use a soft, clean rag (we like microfiber) and ammonia- free cleaner (not Windex!) to gently wipe off any debris from the surface. Be sure your piece is secured on your wall from an appropriate weight bearing hook. Using two hooks will help keep your piece level, or you can stick a little bit of sticky tack to the two bottom corners of your art to hold it straight and steady against your wall.

Happy Art Collection Making- Over! And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns your may have about your pieces.

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