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How Does Louanne LaRoche Paint?

With Passion!

Mixed Media on Canvas

Every once in awhile, it is important to pause and remember why we do what we do every day. Our “whys” are the bigger picture, what gives meaning and purpose to what often becomes mundane and routine, even sometimes taken for granted. Recently, a young boy came into the gallery and provided me one of these “why” moments. I greeted him and as he walked around you could see his little eyes just twinkling. He began telling me about himself, that he loved art, was nine years old and, was already and accomplished artist himself. This spunky and articulate young man quickly proceeded to proudly share with me me some drawings he had created on a set of small index cards he kept safely stored in a Ziploc baggie.  He was mesmerized by the artwork in the gallery and was extremely inquisitive. Within minutes he stopped still in front one of Louanne’s pieces and said boldly, “Hey, can I tell you about this painting?” After my enthusiastic “of course”, he began telling me, with full confidence, his perception of what was happening in the painting. As I stood there listening and smiling, as it was quite an elaborate narrative, I was reminded of the impact art has in our lives, regardless of our age, gender, or social status.  After chatting a little while longer, he gave me a high five (and a hug) and said, “Thank you for letting me look around. This is the BEST ‘Art Museum’ I have ever been in!”

Louanne’s paintings are intriguing, and as you can tell from my story, they entice the imagination of viewers of all ages.  She is a colorist with a style that combines the freedom of expression with the strength of representation. Her paintings reflect a significant sense of community, and her response to these connections as they are being lost, displaced or diminished.

“There is a communion of spirit between an intimate glance towards  a gesture, event or place and the process of documentation this relationship on paper or canvas.”

-Louanne LaRoche

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