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Artist Statement:
My work begins with visual awareness of the physical world but is rarely made directly from life. Each painting is a compilation of sketches, photos, sentiments, and memories that seeks emotional truth over visual representation. Through sensitivity to emotion, exaggeration of gesture, and manipulation of color and space, my paintings become less about the subject itself and more about the act of searching - seeking answers but never fully resolving the question.

Inspiration for my work comes from deeply personal and emotional experiences. Each steeped in uncertainty, nuances, and subjectivity. Within the creative process there is an acknowledgment of our place as humans within the greater landscape of the earth - a continuum that is within us, without us, before us, and after us. I paint as a way to search for greater ways of opening to and navigating the emotional experience of being human and acknowledge the impact this has on our connection to and interactions with the natural world.
Lindsey Luna Tucker (b.1990) received her BFA in Drawing and Painting (2017) from Georgia State University. Taking inspiration from nature, poetry, books and emotions, Lindsey’s expressive landscapes begin with visual awareness of the physical world but favor emotional truth over visual realism.  Lindsey has been awarded artist residencies with Lawayaka Current and Saint Gertrude’s Monastery. Her work lives in private collections throughout North America and Europe. She currently lives and works in Bend, Oregon.
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