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"I have discovered through the years that I don’t work like many artist do. I don’t have an exact style or medium that defines me. I work in large bodies of work that usually take years to explore. These large bodies are many times divided into series within the body. Most of these bodies of work are driven by line and shape trying to express ideas and stories through mark making, color, shape and texture."
"Several times it has been a true calling from within myself... sounds corny but it’s true. This is the work that can’t be denied. Or I find something that intrigues me, something I want to explore, and then I research and pursue that avenue until I have exhausted my curiosity and then I move on. The medium I use is the one that solves the problem presented before me."
"In my head I compare it to a writer who writes novels. The idea.. the reserch.. the execution.. the editing… the chapters... the final execution and the presentation of the finished pieces. Once this is done, onto the next. Almost always, within the present body of work I stumble on the next path. Almost...
I have also discovered that the quickest way to become dissatisfied with my work is to create art for people I do not know. I have to trust my gut and follow my own lead and my own truth. If I make art with the thought of what others might like, or buy, I’ve sold myself out. I will have left none of myself behind when I’m gone if I’ve spent my time trying to please others and by guessing what strangers might want."
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