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Having been raised by a family of artists, Heather Lancaster’s passion for the visual arts started in her early years. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Heather began to pursue her own creative expression and found that she favored creating images of animals and nature.
An illustrator and fine artist, Heather uses a mixed media technique that combines the subtlety of drawing elements with the bolder aspects of painting. Using graphite or charcoal in correlation with watercolor or ink washes, Heather is able to create striking but soft images of intricately rendered animals. Her approach creates immediately recognizable animals that are not only representationally rendered, but artfully presented with deep contrast and crisp outlines.
Heather’s art is full of life- life in the animals she renders, life in the soft lines of graphite and charcoal, and life in the fluid ink and paint washes she uses in her work. Preferring to work on paper, Heather’s artistic hand is evident in every mark on the surface.
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