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“Texture and mark making are central components of my work. The painterly gesture is a persistent element, along with the anemic writing that represents the universal urge to mark one’s territory. The empty space is as important to me as the space enlivened with marks. In a test of ideas and form. I move back and forth between painting and printmaking, which results in ongoing challenge and discovery as each medium informs the other.”
Susanne uses a variety of paints, media, drawing implements and materials in order to express ideas and/or feelings in her artwork.
After many years in the Washington, DC area teaching and creating, she now resides in Savannah, Georgia where she is able to focus solely on her research and exhibit her work. Susanne has enjoyed a long and successful career in the arts. Her list of accomplishments include a BA in Art History from the University of Virginia, a MA in Painting from the University of Maryland, and two Maryland State Art Council grants. Twice she has been featured in the New American Paintings magazine, and spent a decade adjunct teaching in the DC/Baltimore corridor. She has produced over 30 solo exhibitions and won prizes in several national competitions and exhibitions."
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