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Lynn Parrott expresses her passion for life through her art. Brushes and oil paint are the tools she uses to discover the evolving dimensions of her work. Her extensive knowledge of art produces work with a deep sense of fearlessness. Her willingness to take risks and explore unknown territory creates a sense of wonder. By not playing safe she constantly pushes and expands her artistic boundaries.
As a native South Carolinian, Lynn grew up with an artist mother who encouraged her studies towards an art degree from Queens University and post graduate work at Clemson University. Her studies with renowned artists Charles Reid, Sheila Parsons, Frank Webb, Morgan Samuels Price, Michael Karas, Michael Crespo, Carol Anthony, Gregory Botts and Pinkney Herbert have helped perfect her style.
The landscapes of the South Carolina lowcountry and the North Carolina mountains provide the inspiration for her dynamic, multi-layered and richly colored paintings. The magic of the tides, moon, marshes and mountains are illuminated throughout her work. Colors come alive, creating a cloak of abstraction, giving a unique perspective to the subject at hand.
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