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"I was born in Norwich, Connecticut, an ethnically rich city known for its support of the arts. As a child I was encouraged to pursue my passions and later attended the Norwich Free Academy receiving honors in the Fine Arts. My educational path led me to the Cleveland Institute of Art graduating in 1980 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with degrees in Industrial Design and Painting."
"Since then, I have had and continue to have the great fortune of creating new experiences as I pursue my dreams and travel the world." "2013 became the year for me to focus on fostering a creative vision through my art. My inspiration comes from the people along my life’s journey, past and present. Their energy is represented through the motions of the brush strokes and their spirits through the imagery of the eye, which guides me to see the landscapes of the world with an enriched perspective."
"I work predominately in the medium of painting with acrylics, pastels and digital media."
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