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"I am an artist. It took me many years to be able to say those words out loud and feel comfortable doing so. I'm not really sure why, because as I look back over my life, I've always been an artist. I just didn't know it."

"I was born and grew up in Savannah, Georgia and am very much a beach girl. Right down to the depths of my soul. I drew constantly as a child and wrote stories and lived in the land of my vast imagination. I've always loved the outdoors and grew up like many kids of the 70's... playing outside, fishing, riding horses and putting millions of miles on my bike. I think that love of land whether it was the salty, sandy beach, the wide expanse of marsh grass or the dirt roads, quiet ponds and cotton and cornfields out in the country has greatly shaped my love of painting. That nostalgia inspires me."

"Painting allows me to put those feelings of time and place down on canvas with luscious color and expressive marks. It's a way of permanently recording just one brief moment in I felt and how it made me feel. And the challenge of that is what drives me."

"I prefer to paint on location or "plein air" whenever possible to get a feel for my subject and try and capture that elusive energy. My larger studio paintings are usually done from these sketches, studies and photographs that I have taken. I am pulled toward pattern in the landscape and I love the challenge of creating order from chaos."

"It is my hope that when you look at one of my paintings that you can see the beauty that I saw as I stood and painted and you can feel my enthusiasm in the color and through the brushstrokes. Thanks so much for looking at my work!​"
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