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A native of South Carolina, Brucie received a BFA in painting from Florida State University and did graduate work at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. She then moved to Telluride, Colorado and worked for seven years teaching and serving as Director of Exhibitions for the Ah Haa School for the Arts, a non-profit school. She has studied with a variety of internationally known painters including Richard Smith, Mario Martinez, and Truman Lowe among others and has shown her work in galleries in Florida, South Carolina and Colorado. She now resides in South Carolina where she has her studio.
As a painter, Brucie says that she is interested in “exploring the idea of beauty and my response to daily life through nature, symbolism and an investigation of the interior landscape. Whether I am working in abstraction or representation I am interested in creating spaces and moments of contemplation that are inspired by personal experience.” Using mixed media, she is able to create work that asks questions and incites deep thought. Brucie’s abstract paintings contain hints of recognizable subjects that are pushed into abstraction with lush brushstrokes and strong depth of color. Her work has a contemplative essence and guides the viewer through the painting process.
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